Time Temperature Indicators


Time Temperature Indicators are designed to monitor the temperature of products during processing, shipping and storage. They apply directly to the product, carton or package and when activated change color once the designated temperature is exceeded. By using these types of indicators it is possible to see at a glance if there has been any temperature abuse with the shipment.

Refrigeration equipment is not always reliable, and temperature can vary in a trailer, stack of pallets, or warehouse. Your products may pass through multiple handlers during the distribution process, possibly enduring delays and substandard storage. These types of temperature labels provide a cost effective cold chain monitoring solution. By being able to clearly see if there has been a temperature abuse you are able to easily decide on accept/ reject shipments, monitor the shelf life of a shipped product and ensure your shipment has stayed within the regulated guidelines.
Falling Temperature Indicators

Temperature Range of -3°C - 10° C.

When temperature falls below specified limit the label is triggered allowing the user to monitor the cold chain process at a glance.

Rising Temperature Indicators

Temperature Range of -18°C - 37°C

When the temperature rises above the specified limit the label triggers allows the user to monitor how long the temperature was out of range at a glance.

Time temperature indicators are a valuable asset for anyone involved in the shipping, transportation or holding of medicines, food or other perishable items. By being able to see if the items have been subjected to unfavorable temperatures that can jeopardize the quality of the products with a glance of the labels allows for quicker and easier GO / NO GO decision making for the person receiving the shipment, the person in charge of the shipment while in transport or the shipper themselves.

From start to finish in the cold chain process our thermal advisors are available  to assist you with the selection of the correct time temperature indicating labels for your specific needs.

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