Humidity Sensing Labels

Humidity Sensing Chart

Humidity Sensing Labels Reversible or Non-Reversible

Humidity Sensing cards allow a low cost method of indicating humidity conditions for various types of applications. The need for easy to use humidity indicators became apparent back in the time of WWII when shipping weapons and ammunition were arriving damaged while traveling to the South Pacific due to the high levels of humidity. The need still holds true today with many other outlets in need of humidity tracking. From machines, cell phones, food and medications.

Humidity indicators, recorders and alarms are used in a wide array of industries including museums for example high levels of humidity can cause quite a bit of damage to documents, books or paintings. Monitoring the levels of humidity in places that house these types of items is imperative.

With so many different applications available the need to have an expert assisting you with choosing the correct labels for your needs is immense. Thankfully our thermal advisors are here when you need us to walk you through all the different types of humidity sensing labels and the different applications they can be used for. Whether you need reversible or non reversible labels we have the knowledge you need to learn the difference and walk you through the process of purchasing the proper labels for your specific needs.

Types of Humidity Sensing Labels

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