Thermal Paints and Crayons

Thermal Crayon

Thermal Paints and Crayons are used for many different applications, from monitoring the operation of valves and engines for warranty protection, monitoring friction on machinery when in use, brake pad temperature testing, circuit board temperature monitoring or monitoring the quality control for food preparation equipment. Our thermal advisors have the knowledge you need to assist you with the selection of the thermal paints and crayons for your application.

Thermal Paints

Color changing paint can be used to monitor surface temperatures of equipment or machinery. Monitoring of surface temperatures alerts operators of potential hazards or required maintenance.

Temperature Indicating Crayons

Temperature indicating crayons or pencils make chalky marks that become glossy, glazed over or shiny at a specific temperature. Some pencil or crayon marks may change color with temperature.

With a range of 80°C-1270°C Thermal Paints provide a simple method of measuring temperature since they change color when a specific temperature is reached you can consider it a fool proof way to measure the temperature when you are unable to physically stand there when the temperature is reached.

With a range of 120°C - 600°C Temperature Indicating Crayons are ideal for checking surface temperature, welding, measuring operating temperature and most metal work. Since these indicators are used to monitor lower temperatures then the paints they can be used with a operator or on their own.

Get the right product for your application

Our thermal advisors are standing by to assist you with the selection of the proper thermal paint or temperature indicating crayon for your needs.